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More about me

Natalie Swart, BS, IBCLC, CLE, LCP

     I am a mother of two now school-aged children, who are my reason for living and inspire everything that I do. My love for lactation was a result of breastfeeding my own children. With both of my children, I experienced many common things that a new breastfeeding parent experiences. I had my share of sore, cracked, bleeding nipples, tongue tie, mastitis, over-supply, and pumping just to name a few.  It wasn't long after my first child that I

discovered that I loved to help other mothers to be successful at breastfeeding through helping friends and family.

     My professional journey in lactation began during my second pregnancy in 2010. I became a mother-to-mother peer counselor. While working as a peer counselor, I fell in love with the profession of lactation and continued my journey of learning.  It was then that I decided I needed to become an IBCLC. I went back to school and now hold my Bachelor of Science in Maternal Child Health: Human Lactation. 

     It's been pleasure to work with many mothers in-home, in the hospital, and in the community. My passion is helping mothers and babies find their way through their breastfeeding journey, breastfeeding culture, the science of human lactation, and the use of evidence-based care.

     I have been teaching breastfeeding classes to families for a decade and greatly enjoy interacting with families both before and after the baby arrives.

     My promise is to provide high-quality lactation consulting, therapeutic and, educational opportunities to all families. Breastfeeding is a journey and the path is not always well-defined, it leads the way we must follow.  I vow to teach, counsel, and consult using evidence-based practices while demonstrating care and compassion for individual needs and preferences while working to promote optimal outcomes for all.

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