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Lactation consulant and mother feeding infant

Enchantment Lactation offers specialized support for new parents and their babies during the breastfeeding journey and beyond. We provide comprehensive and personalized, in-home support for common to complex breastfeeding issues, myofunctional assessment and treatment, as well as alternative feeding methods.

Our care plans support options tailored to each family and are designed to create a strong bond and successful feeding experience in each unique journey is Enchantment Lactation's mission.

When you book your appointment be sure to click the green button for The Lactation Network to get your insurance pre-approved. Select the black button to book an appointment for self-pay.

We accept most insurances with the MultiPlan logo on the card.

Have questions? Check out the Insurance page for more.


We can help with...

  • latching

  • slow weight gain

  • milk production and supply

  • nipple damage

  • return to work & school

  • pumping

  • bottle feeding

  • solid feeding

  • breast refusal

  • chest feeding

  • adoptive nursing

  • crying/colic

  • teen parents

  • sleep patterns

  • Professional education and advocacy

  • tethered oral tissues

  • prematurity

  • multiples

  • NICU babies

  • and so much more...


Initial Lactation Consult

90 minutes

Our initial lactation consults offer a comprehensive assessment of both mother/parent and baby, including a review of health history, physical assessment and discussion about current concerns. Followed by expert observation of feeding and/or expression of milk. At the end of the session your lactation consultant will then develop a personalized care plan tailored to your unique needs, helping to support your breastfeeding journey.

Additional fee of $50 per multiple.


Follow Up Lactation Consult

60-75 minutes

For established patients, follow up lactation consults are available to provide ongoing care and continue your care plan to meet your individual needs. Whether you have new breastfeeding concerns, changes in your lifestyle, or need additional support, your lactation consultant is here to provide guidance throughout your breastfeeding journey. We are committed to providing you with the support and resources you need to reach your goals.

Additional fee of $50 per multiple.


Telehealth Lactation Consult

60-90 minutes

Our virtual lactation care services allow you to receive personalized breastfeeding education and support on your terms. Through a telehealth consult, your lactation consultant will create a customized care plan tailored to your individual needs, helping you to reach your breastfeeding goals.

Additional fee of $50 per multiple. 

*Limitations exist with telehealth care. If you or your infant require a physical examination by your lactation consultant an additional in-person visit may be required.


Prenatal Consultation

75 minutes

Our prenatal consults offer a comprehensive introduction to breastfeeding. We'll discuss your health history, perform a breast assessment, go over choosing a pump and make a plan for your hospital stay and discharge. We will also cover common topics such as positioning and latch, early breastfeeding, newborn behaviors and more.


Bottle Feeding Consultation

75 minutes

Our bottle feeding consultation service provides support for families who are learning to bottle feed their breastfed baby, or who are exclusively bottle feeding. We provide guidance and expert advice to help you choose the right bottle for your baby, as well as help you learn techniques, share helpful tips and methods for milk preparation, storage and safety.

Additional fee of $50 per multiple.

Baby Eating Food

Starting Solids Consultation

75 minutes

Our Starting Solids Consultation is designed to guide you through the process of introducing solid foods to your baby. We will discuss topics such as readiness, what to feed, first foods, techniques and set-up to ensure a smooth transition. Our experienced and certified lactation consultants will provide you with professional advice and support to make this important milestone a positive experience for you and your baby.

Additional fee of $50 per multiple.


In-Home Lactation Care Trio

Get your prenatal, initial consult and first follow up at a 10% discount when paid in full prior to first visit.


Telehealth Lactation Trio

Get your prenatal, initial consult and first follow up at a 10% discount when paid in full prior to first visit.


Feeding Support Duo

Looking to introduce a bottle and start solids. Book both together 10% discount when paid in full prior to first visit.

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